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Diversity in Clinical Psychology Initiatives Are Happening!

Time to Review the Application Form for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: An Open Letter

An open letter addressing the Clinical Psychology Doctorate application form. The letter is a call for a review of the DClinPsy application form, which fails to appropriately invite and encourage reflection on issues around difference and diversity.

This channel (developed as part of the Valued Voices Mentoring Scheme, founded & led by Dr Kat Alcock) aims to provide honest advice & reflections from trainee & qualified clinical psychologists from Black, Asian and Other Ethnic Minority backgrounds.


This book is a wake-up call to the profession to develop more inclusive models of theory and practice, and to every counsellor, psychotherapist and counselling psychologist to review their professional practice and ensure a better fit between the aspirations and theories of their professional calling and the needs of our multi-ethnic, multiracial and multicultural society today.

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This decolonising tool was created by a group of trainees as part of a service development assignment on the Lancaster doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

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Black Lives Matter

A letter from the BPS: The Psychologist September 2016 edition.

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The aim of the project is to explore undergraduates' and postgraduates' attitudes towards diversity in the UK psychiatric and psychological curriculum.

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Community for Black students and professionals navigating wellbeing while building a career


Lankelly Chase Foundation has commissioned the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester and Words of Colour Productions to establish an independent centre of excellence on ethnic inequalities, mental health and multiple disadvantage.


Article addressing the use of the catch-all term "B.A.M.E". 
UK broadcasters have committed to avoiding the use of the acronym BAME "wherever possible" following the publication of an industry report.

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