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The Psychologist Interview

Interview by Fauzia Khan with Clinical Psychologist Dr Tarek Younis. They discuss his journey into psychology and his experience of navigating the discipline as a racialised Muslim man. Read More

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Hidden Histories

A new, short book for school pupils, Hidden Histories: Black in Psychology. It celebrates the contributions of Black people to the discipline and related professions - by Parise Carmichael-Murphy and Adam Danquah. 

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Psychology, Blackness and Me

An article written by Annie Phiri who reflects on her journey into Clinical Psychology so far.

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Clinical Psychology Doctorate Application Form

Interview with Matt Morgan and Will Curvis to discuss the Clinical Psychology Doctorate application process and why it needs to change: open letter

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Imposter Syndrome’- is that what I should call it? by Lakeitha Williams.

I was still in Primary School when my mum sat me down and told me that I would need to work twice as hard to get to the same places as my white friends - Read More

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Race Reflections

There are over 80 articles on Race Reflections all written by Guilaine Kinouani. Each month, she adds a new piece to the collection.


Interview with Adrian Lawrence, who discusses racial trauma & representation.

How to be an Ally

A video by Holiday Phillips, discussing how to be a better ally in conversations about race.

Whiteness as Pathology Shifting the Location of Disturbance to Dismantle Social Inequality

Guilaine Kinouani discusses addressing social inequality, redefining what mental health and also paying much closer attention to Whiteness and its implications for society.

Dismantling the Master's House

A hard hitting documentary examining structural racism in the UK Mental Health System.

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