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What can Mental Health Professionals Do about Racism?

Seminar Series 


Self-Compassion for My Blackness

Self-Compassion for My Blackness” by guest speaker Dr. Jeri Tikare. The webinar will focus on Jeri's relationship with his Blackness and the world. His stories are an invitation for us to begin to think about a bottom-up approach, starting with small details in our bid to tackle racism. The idea is to use compassion-focused principles to start noticing things about ourselves and muster up some courage to make useful changes.


Radical Solutions & Racist Systems

“Radical Solutions & Racist Systems” by guest speaker Dr. Gail Coleman-Oluwabusola. The webinar will focus on one vision to reduce the length of inpatient stays on mental health wards, increase access to therapy & promote recovery for people of African & African-Caribbean heritage.

Following our conference last year, Let’s Face Change are hosting a series of seminars titled “What can Mental Health Professionals do about Racism?”. Last year’s conference was an opportunity to connect with others and encourage conversations about exploring and tackling the lack of diversity & racial inequalities in mental health services. The seminars are an opportunity to keep these conversations going, explore new ideas, and build momentum for our next conference.

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