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Olatunde Spence

Clinical Psychologist

Is EMDR an anti-racist therapy? 

An article written by Dr. Olatunde Spence speaking on anti-Black racism, racialised trauma and treatment of racial trauma and exploring how we can become anti-racist.

Reay Cashel Stoddart Isaac

Exploring Black Clinical Psychologists’ Experiences of Racism and its Discussion at Work and in the Profession.

A professional doctoral thesis exploring Black Clinical Psychologists' experiences of racism and surrounding discussions within the workplace and profession


Exploring the supervisory relationship in the context of culturally responsive supervision: a supervisee’s perspective

An article written to explore cultural responsivity within the context of clinical supervision..

Rufus May

Clinical Psychologist

The elephant in the room

An article written by Rufus asking whether we talk about race in Mental Health.

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Dzifa Afonu

Clinical Psychologist

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Hip-hop As Community Psychology: A Participatory Research Project with Adolescent Co-Researchers.

Using Hip Hop to Heal Trauma.
Helping people connect and express themselves through dance and art.

Blurry Image of Dancers

Clinical Psychologist

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Holding Up The Mirror: Deconstructing Whiteness In Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Psychologist

On Addressing ‘Whiteness’ during Clinical Psychology Training

Design Book

Social Worker

Strands of strength:
Reflecting on Black identity

Therapy Services

Culturally consistent therapeutic approaches that impact mind, body and soul.


Handbook that explores the nature of spirituality and its relevance to mental health and wellbeing.

Chapter on African Psychology and Spiritness in Twin Pandemics by Dr Erica McInnis.

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