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"Let's Face Change is a growing team of people who are committed to increasing the representation of different cultural groups in Clinical Psychology.  We are building a community for people to share their stories and reflect on the strengths diversity can offer the field of Psychology, whilst also thinking about what can we do to address racism and inequalities in mental health services."

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Within our team, we have been thinking about how we might improve access to Psychological Therapies for marginalised groups. 

We became more aware of the issues facing Clinical Psychology as a profession and realised that we were passionate about Anti-Racism in Psychology and wider mental health services.


We saw this as a great opportunity to begin a campaign and become allies in changing the face of Clinical Psychology. We saw the need for diversity and representation. Not only in improving practices within the field, but also as a way of improving access to the faces we see within the mental health system.


Below are interviews exploring themes around race, inclusion, diversity and Clinical Psychology. We conducted these raw interviews to open a dialogue and were keen to keep honesty around these topics as the key element to creating an open space for discussion.

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