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Interview of Adrian, who discusses racial trauma & representation.

How to be an Ally

A video by Holiday Phillips, talking about how to be a better ally in conversations about race.

Dismantling the Master's House 

A hard hitting documentary examining structural racism in the UK Mental Health System.

Whiteness as Pathology Shifting the Location of Disturbance to Dismantle Social Inequality

In this seminar, Guilaine Kinouani, award-nominated writer of the blog, argues that to address widespread social inequality we need not only to redefine what mental health is but also start to pay much closer attention to Whiteness and its implications for society.

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 There are over 80 articles on Race Reflections all written by Guilaine Kinouani. Each month, she adds a new piece to the collection. These articles are in the main, restricted to our members.

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